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Current Chevelle Specs

 Racing out of Healdton, OK.

Experimentation with Lithium Batteries has commenced!

When In Doubt, Convert! Then Race!
Looking for Sponsors. You get to come to OK and work on the Chevelle & Race on NHRA track & set some World Records in Your Name.
Go to this Link, 
http://www.nedra.com/record_holders.html and pick the Record You want to Set or Break!

1964 Chevelle Converted to Electric
1957 Texas Maid Boat Converted to Electric
1968 Harley Davidson Golf Cart Converted to Electric
1966 Harley Davidson Sprint Motorcycle Converted to Electric
1968 Sears Garden Tractor Converted To Electric
1968 42' Owens Yacht Converted to Hybrid (See Below)

You Will Learn By Doing, Start on Something Small
Never give up!

1964 Electric Drag Racing Chevelle Malibu
Weighs about the same as the original at 3600 pounds.

13" GE Forklift Motor & Powerglide
The Original Powerglide that came with the Chevelle was modified for racing & no torque converter.

Current Chevelle Specs

Check out this Youtube Video of the Chevelle in Action
(The tire squeal is when the Chevelle was shifted from 48 Volts to 84 Volts)

The Electric Drag Racing Chevelle
24 Volt Street Conversion Nedra World Record Holder
48 Volt Modified Conversion Nedra World Record Holder
72 Volt Street Conversion NedraWorld Record Holder
72 Volt Pro Street Conversion Nedra World Record Holder
96 Volt Pro Street Conversion Nedra World Record Holder

Conversion Started July 4th, 2005. Click on Present Updates link for newest Updates.

Horizon 12D2000 Batteries, 58 lbs, 85AH, 2400CA
Four 4/0 (per polarity) running to motor. Contactor Controlled.

Dual Field Motor Bussed for Parallel Fields
Main Contactor, two 1000 amp shunts, Emergency Disconnect

Poormans EV was created to help those on a budget who really want to build an EV (Electric Vehicle).
To "build" an EV really means to Convert an original Gas Powered Vehicle to Electric Power that is supplied with batteries and charged from your house or work.
I will try and document the conversion process as I get my Chevelle ready for the track. I plan to race the Chevelle in the National Electric Drag Racing Association. (www.nedra.com) I simply can not afford to lay down $10,000 for the parts to do a conversion so I must find other more economical  ways to cut costs.
The most economical thing you can do to get your EV on the road is to buy a book and read as much as you can about the process such as "Build your own Electric Vehicle" or " Convert It". These books can be found on Ebay or at bookstores.

The Chevelle new weighed 3300 pounds fully loaded
I expect to be at this weitht or lower when racing in the National Electric Drag Racing Association

1/8 Mile Time Slip for the Chevelle
This particular night, I was racing against a Honda Insight, he got me by a hair.

The way I found the Chevelle was to search on ebay in ebay motors/collector cars/ part cars or just ebay motors/ collector cars. Click on the pull down menu " Distance, nearest first" and cars in your area will come up first. If you don't want a collector car search under passenger cars and add "not running" in the description and you will find cars with a bad motor and maybe a very good body to start with. Just be sure to get a car that you will be happy with before you start the conversion. Myself, I would not be happy unless it was a collector car even though it will require a lot more work and money to get ready. 

42' Hybrid Yacht, Twin 440's & 12HP 72V GE on Port
Twin Air 403's, (4) 100 Watt & (2) 60 watt solar panels used to charge the 360AH 6V Batteries

The Inside Midsection of my Yacht
I was living on this Yacht when I met my wife in 2003. No Grand Kids at that time. Now see below.

Powered by 360AH 6 Volt Batteries
With the 360AH 6V's wired for 24V, I could get in and out of dock and do some slow crusing

Video of Yacht Electric Drive